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After this reading you can quickly see how we change over time, how we still act towards our self interests in a world we still do not understand yet maintaining the ability to mend it to our will with others following along. Skin color is one of the first things we see when looking at another person, and most likely the only way the common individual of those years was able to tell themselves apart from the “other”.


Free labor is extremely lucrative for those whom drive themselves with money, but of course no one wants to work for nothing in return, so slaves are needed, but how would you get people to think forcing someone to do things against their will is OK? The introduction of scientific racism is a fantastic method for dehumanizing the “other”, for making others feel alright about doing things unto them that they wouldn’t do to themselves. The science of the human body back then being a far cry from what we have today, and the stark difference of the usual citizen of those years to today in terms of scientific literacy, allowed such misinformation to thrive and spread. Hopefully with unparalleled access to knowledge online such as wikipedia and pubmed, such information quickly stops compared to years ago.




Are there any modern day forms of scientific racism? What about sexism? Are these ideas conscious attempts to bring down the groups in question, or is it something that just spreads without most realizing what it means?

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